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Design meets functionality

You love exceptionally good sound, but a speaker does not fit into your room concept? We have the solution. Together with WHD, we developed a loudspeaker that is virtually invisible and, thanks to its wall-mounted design, fits into even the smallest room. That´s why our plant and moss pictures no longer only look good, but also sound really good.

What's behind it

By means of exciters, which are installed in the frame of the picture, our plant and moss pictures are used as resonance bodies and thus become speakers. Due to exact measurement and adaptation depending on the type of greenery, the sound images convince by a high-end sound quality. Ensure breathtaking acoustics via bluetooth from your sofa whilst enjoying the fascinating appearance of our pictures.

Naturally beautiful sound

For our plant and moss pictures we only use real plants and mosses, which are preserved by a special natural preservation process based on glycerine, food colouring and salt. That's why our products not only look natural, they are natural. As a result, all our pictures remain beautiful without any maintenance.